Process & Criteria

The application process for the GYPI 2020 is structured in two stages:

  1. Concept notes: Applicants should register and submit their concept notes through the online application platform. The deadline for submission of concept notes is the 1st of June at 23:59 New York time. A Project Appraisal Committee will review the applications against the outlined criteria and invite selected submissions to be developed into full project proposals.
  2. Full project proposals: Applicants who were invited to the second and last stage will have approximately six weeks to develop and submit full project proposals. Full project proposals will require signatures by 1) the representatives of the recipient organizations 2) the representative of the national counterpart (e.g. Minister) and 3) the senior-most resident UN representative in the country (RC/SRSG/DSRSG). The Project Appraisal Committee will reconvene to review the full project proposals and make its final selection. 

Timeline 2020

Launch of GYPI 2020

6 April 2020

Webinar 1: Introduction to the PBF GYPI 2020

14 April 2020 - watch here

Webinar 2: Women and youth leadership, representation and participation

28 April 2020 - watch here

Opening of online application portal

1 May 2020

Deadline for online concept note submission

1 June 2020

Communication of first stage results

August 2020

Deadline for final project submission

October 2020

Communication of second stage results

November 2020

Disbursement of funds

December 2020

Please note that decisions made by the Project Appraisal Committee and communicated by PBSO will be final and cannot be appealed in any way. PBSO also may adjust the timeline during the process.


UN agencies, funds and programmes:

  • Maximum of two GPI and two YPI proposals per UNCT
  • Grants from $800,000 to $1,5 million per project
  • UNCTs can submit joint UN proposals with up to three direct recipient UN organizations per project
  • UNCTs can submit joint UN-CSO proposals with up to two direct recipient UN organizations and one direct recipient CSO per project
  • UN Peace Operations and Special Political Missions cannot be direct recipient organizations but are encouraged to support GYPI projects as implementing partners

Civil society organizations:

  • Maximum of two GPI and two YPI proposals per CSO globally
  • Grants from $300,000 to $1,5 million per project
  • CSOs can apply with independent CSO proposals (submitted by the CSO) or joint UN-CSO proposals (submitted by the UNCT)
  • CSOs organized in federations, confederations or umbrella organizations with independent international or national chapters will be considered as one organization for the purpose of this special call

Guidelines for Proposals

  • Projects must be submitted in English, French or Spanish
  • Project duration is maximum 18 months
  • Projects must set aside at least 5 to 7 per cent of the budget for monitoring and evaluation, including final independent evaluation and financial audit
  • Projects must allocate at least 40 per cent of the requested grant to national/local civil society partners, in particular women- and youth-led organizations
  • GPI projects must be a Gender Marker 3
  • YPI projects must be a Gender Marker 2 or 3

Review Criteria for Proposals

Submissions will be reviewed against the following criteria by the Project Appraisal Committee:

1.    Innovation

2.   Conflict analysis

3.   Peacebuilding approach

4.   Gender / youth approach

5.   Consultation and partnership with local actors

6.   Focused interventions

7.   Targeting

8.   Linkages between project and existing peacebuilding priorities

9.   Implementation capacity

10.  Value for money

Technical guidance

Applicants are highly encouraged to review the provided guidance, particularly the recorded thematic webinars from previous years:

Youth-inclusive peacebuilding

7 June 2017, 9AM EST
Watch on Youtube

Gender-responsive peacebuilding

14 June 2017, 9AM EST
Watch on Youtube

Conflict Analysis and Theory of Change

21 June 2017, 9AM EST
Watch on Youtube

Monitoring and Evaluation

28 June 2017, 9AM EST
Watch on Youtube

Introduction to PBF and GYPI 2018

14 May 2018, 9AM EST
Watch on WebEx and view presentation

CSO eligibility criteria

21 May 2018, 9AM EST
Watch on WebEx and view presentation